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Francesco Bacone

A new hobby: reading Wikipedia’s featured articles of the day in several languages (only the ones I can understand: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and German).

This is what I found today:

La speranza è buona come prima colazione, ma è una pessima cena.

Francesco Bacone

Right on, Francesco.


Do recommendation engines really help me to become more like me?

Recommendation engines are very good at figuring out what people like me would do and telling me what that is, so I can then find out what people like me do. I can become much more like a person like me.


Recommendation engines, by telling me what people like me do and encouraging me to be like a person like me, they help me to become more prototypically one of my kind of person. And the more like one of my kind of person I become, the less me I am, and the more I am a demographic type.

Douglas Rushkoff, in an interview for “The Virtual Revolution” (2010)

Production vs. moving the intellectual content forward

I hate to see computer-science departments that feel their role is to prepare people to work in an industry, and the industry is going that way, and therefore we have to teach our students that way. It’s exactly the wrong thing to do. What you should be doing with your students is teaching them to think generally — think outside the box and plot the other courses we should be pursuing.


It’s a little bit the difference between computer science in the service of production and computer science in the service of moving the intellectual content forward.

DCoders at Workan Ingalls
in Peter Seibel, Coders at Work: Reflections on the Craft of Programming,
p. 379, APress, 2009.

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